Edward Mohr 1870

Edward Mohr was a German botanist, an entomologist, and a zoologist, and engaged in a certain amount of mapping, being equipped with fine instruments lent by the German Government.

Edward Mohr reached the Zambezi River in June 1870 opposite Wankie’s Town when he was 42 years old. 

We had a most luxurious meal considering our circumstances, and in the afternoon I made a grand toilet and set out to pay Wanki a formal visit, in a boat sent by him for my use.  It was … stipulated that as many shots should be fired as possible on our way across the river.  These conditions were fulfilled to the best of our ability, and when we landed on the northern bank we found about sixty people awaiting us, but Wanki himself had not yet appeared.  Soon afterwards a long procession of men moved out of the village, amongst whom Wanki was easily recognisable a long way off, for he wore a high woolen nightcap, of which he seemed not a little proud; behind him marched musicians with drums and flutes. 

To read more: https://traditionalzambia.home.blog/white-tribe/edward-mohr-1870/

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