David Livingstone 1853 – 1855

David Livingstone has visited Zambesia and met the Kololo king.  He knows that he cannot travel further north taking his wife and children with him so he sends his wife and children to England.  He has a plan to find a better route to the interior of Africa rather than the present one through the Kalahari.  He returns to Linyanti where he finds that Sekeletu is now the chief. 

Sekeletu was eighteen years of age, of the dark yellow, of which the Makololo are so proud.

Next day we returned in canoes across the flooded land.  A few days later a party of the Barotse came down from Linyanti to take us across the river.  This they did in fine style, swimming and diving among the oxen, more like alligators than men, and taking the wagons to pieces, carried them across on a number of canoes lashed together.  Now we were among friends.

To read more: https://traditionalzambia.home.blog/white-tribe/david-livingstone-1853-1855/

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