William Baldwin 1860

William Baldwin was a hunter who travelled by horseback around 1860.  His travels took him up to the Zambezi River and the Victoria Falls.  While near, I estimate, Pandamatenga, he states:

In my ramblings yesterday, I came across another nation, calling themselves Batokas.  … It is their custom to knock out their four front teeth, and to file a small space between each of the under ones, …

When he reached the Falls, he met the Kololo people.  This was the time when the Lozi Empire was being run by the Kololo people from the south.  Sekeletu was the chief who based himself at Sesheke, then near present-day Mwandi.  Because of the continual conflict between the Kololo and the Matabele, the Kololo had set up sentry points along the Zambezi River to guard against a Matabele impi crossing the Zambezi.  There were various crossing points, one of which was over the rapids by the Victoria Falls.

I have punted for three days in all directions in the Makololo canoes, and could spend half my life on the waters.

I had the honour, yesterday of cutting my initials on a tree on the island above the Falls, just below Dr Livingstone’s, as being the second European who has reached the Falls, …

To read more: https://traditionalzambia.home.blog/white-tribe/william-baldwin-1860/


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