David Livingstone 1858 – 1860

Kololo.  Undi (Chewa).  Nyai.  Mburuma (Nsenga).  Zezuru.  Bakoa.  Sidima.  Bapimpe.  Batoka (Tonga).  We.  Soli.  Lenje.  Matabele

David Livingstone returned to Quelimane as Consul of the Eastern Coast of Africa in 1858.

He continues to explore, this time by boat, up the Zambezi.  He is defeated by the Cahora Bassa rapids – now below the dam.  So he turns his attention to the Shire River, a tributary of the Zambezi from the north.  The Shire River drains from Lake Malawi, then called Nyasa.  David Livingstone explores Lake Malawi and this is where he comes face to face with the real slave trade. 

The chief of the village near the confluence of the lake and the Shire, hearing that we were sitting under a tree, came and invited us to his village.  He told us that a large slave party led by Arabs was encamped close by.  Soon after, their leaders came to see us.  They were armed with muskets and looked a villainous lot.  They evidently thought the same of us, for they offered us several little children for sale, but when told that we were English, decamped during the night.

During 1860 he goes back to Kolololand to take back the men who had accompanied him in 1856 to Tete. He meets many interesting folk along the way. To read more: https://traditionalzambia.home.blog/white-tribe/david-livingstone-1858-1860/

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