Emil Holub 1875

Marutse (Lozi), Subiya, Mbunda, Mambari, Makishi, Mashi, Aluyi

Emil Holub was a Czech from Bohemia.  He was a ‘doctor, a zoologist, a botanist, a hunter, a taxidermist, an artist and cartographer, an avid collector of specimens and, above all, a keen observer’. 

He visited the Zambezi River in 1875 when he was 28 years old with the intention of travelling by makora upstream.  He was following the footsteps of David Livingstone. 

The king of the Lozi people was Sipopo. He had taken over the position after the Kololo people had been thrown out of the country in 1864. The Kololo had ruled Loziland for about 26 years. From their headquarters at Bulawayo, the Matabele had been in charge for about 30 years, raiding all the neighbouring tribes, destroying everything. Most of the people had fled north, crossing the Zambezi River.

To read more: https://traditionalzambia.home.blog/white-tribe/emil-holub-1875/

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