Frederick Selous 1888

Frederick Selous had visited our region in 1877 with the aim of reaching Katanga.  Travelling in the rainy season, he had suffered repeatedly from malaria and eventually was forced to return.  Now 11 years later he again decided to try to meet his friend, Frederick Arnot in Katanga.   

Frederick Selous left Pandamatenga and reached Wankie’s Town eight days later.  He crossed over the river with staff and pack donkeys.  There he met Chief Shampondo of the Tonga people who proved difficult in negotiations for food and porters. 

During his first trip Frederick Selous had come across many slave traders living along the Zambezi River, so this trading had been continuing now for another eleven years.  The Tonga people had changed very much in their attitude towards strangers.  Also, David Thomas, a trader, had been murdered by some Tonga.  Thinking that travelling through Tongaland was dangerous, Frederick Selous decided that he would rather chance his luck through Ilaland.  During this time the Ila people were known as Mashukulumbwe because of the way they tied their hair.

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