Reading more …

Since writing the previous blog, I undertook more research and decided to place it in a book or two.

The first one was A Window on Zambia’s Past: Legends, Traditions and Stories. It contained all the tribes in Zambia and some of their histories before the incoming British administration in the late 1800s.

The second one was The History of Kafue Park which covered the region of the National Park and the surrounding Game Management Areas. It tells of the Bantu and their tribes and histories as well as the incoming missionaries and British administrators and the effect this clash of societies had on the people. It goes on to tell of how and why the park was set aside as a conservation area and how it was developed.

Both books are available on Amazon.

I am now working on a book for the History of Luangwa Valley which will take in both North and South Luangwa National Parks. Coming soon …


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